Video Snippets from Dr. Sriram Rajagopalan's sessions for Agile Training Champions

The specific participant involvement have been removed to protect their privacy as requested. But, these snippets should give an introduction to the engaging facilitation. Come and attend the free networking events! Spread the word and learn more about fundamentals of Project Management and Agile principles.

Introducing PLOT initiative

Dr. Rajagopalan's initiative introducing the Project Leaders of Tomorrow (PLOT) to high school students.

Client facing Role: Expectations

What do clients want in a client facing role including project, account, and product owners? 

Evolution of People's Thinking

Understanding the influence of generational gaps in people's thinking 

Impediments to Agile's success

What organizations can do to fail agile and how it can be avoided for successful implementation.

Product Development Failures

Insights on product development failures from a discussion on PARAG approach

Software Development Myths

Myths behind software development and its impact on agile methodology

Group and Team Differences

Introducing differences between "group" and "team" thinking critical for self-organization in agile success

Agility starts with YOU!

You are the architect of your future as opportunity doesn't knock when doors are not built. Agility starts with you!

Scholar-Practitioner approach

Sriram's approaches to augmenting the theory with practice and building theory into practice

Feedback Loops in SDLC

References to double and skip level feedback loops in original SDLC model challenging logic behind waterfall thinking.

Process Thinking: National Culture

Establishing the five dimensions of national culture as a prerequisite to team thinking

Product vs Project Management

Demystifying differences between product management and product development

Where Agile Thrives!

Agile is not a panacea. It will fail if we fail it. Understanding the chaos-to-control nature of the product/project is critical in agile implementation.

Effective Team: Team's Challenges

Introducing national and organizational culture to implementing remote, virtual, distributed agile teams

* Adopted from eLearning class by Dr. Rajagopalan.

Agile's stand on Documentation

Agile never said no documentaiton. Many reasons exist to document requirements beyond user stories. 

Models of Collaboration

Introducing a new model of collaboration in high performing teams

* Adopted from eLearning class by Dr. Rajagopalan

Effective Team: Business Challenges

Understanding briefly the business challenges from industrial automation to digital revolution

* Adopted from eLearning class by Dr. Rajagopalan

Effective Transforming Team Habits

Introducing the lateral thinking hats as habits to transforming effectveness among teams

* Adopted from eLearning class by Dr. Rajagopalan

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