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Leaders are always readers. They read the environment, situations, proceses, and people and lead through the ambiguity. Leaders differ from managers in that they focus on changing the status quo. As one assumes leadership roles, because leadership is taken and not given, developing certain key skills in multiple areas are important. This course assembles a series of 15 short webinars to help the raising leader.  


  1. Soft Skill: Administrative Office Procedures
  2. Soft Skill: Assertiveness and Self-Confidence
  3. Soft Skill: Business Ethics
  4. Soft Skill: Business Writing
  5. Soft Skill: Coaching and Mentoring
  6. Soft Skill: Conflict Resolution
  7. Soft Skill: Creative Problem Solving
  8. Soft Skill: Developing Corporate Behavior
  9. Soft Skill: Emotional Intelligence
  10. Soft Skill: Employee Motivation
  11. Soft Skill: Leadership and Influence
  12. Soft Skill: Public Speaking
  13. Soft Skill: Servant Leadership
  14. Soft Skill: Supervising Others
  15. Soft Skill: Workplace Diversity




1. Administrative Office Procedures
With this course, you will understand how an Administrative Office Procedure binder demonstrates professionalism and efficiency in an organization or office setting. It is also a marvelous instrument for quick reference and utilization. Strategies and procedures are a vital connection between the company’s vision and its everyday operations.


2. Assertive and Self-Confidence

This seminar will explore what self-confidence means. It will give you the tools to look, feel, and sound the part, so that they can set and reach their goals. You will learn about how to give powerful presentations and be able handle difficult behavior.


3. Business Ethics

This seminar will go over what “ethics” means, how to implement ethics in the workplace, employer/employee rights, business and social responsibilities, ethical decisions, whistle blowing, managerial ethics, unethical behavior, and ethics in business. 


4. Business Writing

This seminar will introduce you to business writing, including working with words, constructing sentences, creating paragraphs, writing meeting agendas, writing e-mails, writing business letters, writing proposals, writing reports, other types of documents, and proofreading and finishing. 


5. Coaching and Mentoring

This seminar will introduce you to coaching and mentoring, including defining coaching and mentoring, setting goals, understanding the realities, developing options, wrapping it all up, the importance of trust, providing feedback, overcoming roadblocks, reaching the end, and how mentoring differs from coaching.


6. Conflict Resolution

This seminar will introduce you to conflict resolution, including an introduction to conflict resolution, conflict resolution styles, creating an effective atmosphere, creating a mutual understanding, focusing on individual and shared needs, getting to the root cause, generating options, building a solution, the short version of the process, and additional tools.


7. Creative Problem Solving

This workshop will give you an overview of the entire creative problem solving process, as well as key problem solving tools that they can use every day. Skills such as brainstorming, information gathering, analyzing data, and identifying resources will be covered throughout the workshop.


8. Developing Corporte Behavior

Through this course, you should see improved team building, better communication, and trust. By realizing the benefits of corporate behavior and developing a successful plan, you should see a reduction in incidents and an increase in team work and loyalty.


9. Emotional Intelligence

With this workshop, you will gain a better understanding of self-management and self-awareness. This in turn will give you better insight and control over your actions and emotions. With a greater understanding of emotions, you will experience a positive impact on your professional and personal lives.


10. Employee Motivation

This workshop will give you several types of tools to become a great motivator, including goal setting and influencing skills. You will also learn about five of the most popular motivational models,

and how to bring them together to create a custom program.


11. Leadership and Influence

Once you learn the techniques of true Leadership and Influence, you will be able to build the confidence it takes to take the lead. The more experience you have acting as a genuine leader, the easier it will be for you. It is never easy to take the lead, as you will need to make decisions and face challenges, but it can become natural and rewarding. 


12. Public Speaking

Many people consider public speaking to be their biggest fear. Mastering this fear and getting comfortable speaking in public can be a great ego booster, while also benefitting your career. This workshop will give you some basic public speaking skills, including in-depth information on developing an engaging program and delivering their presentation with power.


13. Servant Leadership

With this workshop, you will focus on the growth and development of your employees and ensuring their success. In doing so, the leader succeeds when their employees do. With a business team, servant leadership can not only help employees achieve and grow, but it can also benefit their leaders and the company as a whole.

14. Supervising Others

This workshop will help supervisors become more efficient and proficient, with information on delegating, managing time, setting goals and expectations (for themselves and others), providing feedback, resolving conflict, and administering discipline.


15. Workplace Diversity

This course will help you understand what diversity is, and how they can create a more diverse environment. You will learn how to use active listening and employ effective questioning techniques. By learning the right complaint resolution skills and choosing the right course of action, communication throughout your business will be strengthened.



In order to receive the completion certificate, learners must have completed reviewing all the modules and have successfully passed the training mockup exam.

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