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We are living in an unprecedented time. Whether we are fresh graduates looking for job or internships, or seasoned professionals looking for a change, getting back to the basics of job search skills helps. This course packs 12 critical seminars to refresh these skills.


  1. Soft Skill: 10 Soft Skills You Need
  2. Soft Skill: Body Language Basics
  3. Soft Skill: Communication Strategies
  4. Soft Skill: Critical Thinking
  5. Soft Skill: Goal Setting
  6. Soft Skill: Internet Marketing Basics
  7. Soft Skill: Interpersonal Skills
  8. Soft Skill: Job Search Skills
  9. Soft Skill: Overcoming Sales Objections
  10. Soft Skill: Presentation Skills
  11. Soft Skill: Stress Management
  12. Soft Skill: Time Management




1. 10 Soft Skills You Need
The seminar gives the tools to help with communication, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, attitude and work ethic, adaptability and flexibility, self-confidence, the ability to learn from, and networking.


2. Body Language Basics

Body language can be so important when it comes to getting your message across to your co-workers or employees. This seminar teaches the basics of how to read and communicate using body language, rookie mistakes, gender differences, nonverbal communication, facial expressions, and matching your words to your movement.


3. Communication Strategies

Strategies of communication are important to familiarize yourself with, especially when it comes to business. This seminar will introduce understanding communications barriers, paraverbal communication skills, non-verbal communication, asking good questions, and appreciative inquiry.


4. Critical Thinking

This workshop will lead you to be a more rational and disciplined thinker. It will reduce bias which will provide a greater understanding of your environment. This workshop will provide you the skills to evaluate, identify, and distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information which will provide an incredible boost in performance.

5. Goal Setting

This workshop will cover strategies to deal with distractions and overcome procrastination. These skills will translate into increased satisfaction in professional and personal lives. You will learn the Goal Setting characteristics of successful people and in turn will become happier and more productive individual.


6. Internet Marketing Basics

This course will provide you with a great set of skills to market your business online. Content is the king of Internet marketing, and your participants will need to know how to utilize your great content. If you want your business to grow then you need to understand Internet Marketing Basics.


7. Interpersonal Skills

This workshop will help you work towards being that unforgettable person by providing communication skills, negotiation techniques, tips on making an impact, and advice on networking and starting conversations. You will also identify the skills needed in starting a conversation, moving a conversation along, and progressing to higher levels of conversation. 


8. Job Search Skills

This workshop will give you the answers to many questions. You will be more than ready to start your search for your perfect job. Identifying the purpose for working and the assessment of skills can help determine the types of jobs you should apply for.


9. Overcoming Sales Objections

Overcoming Sales Objections is an essential part of the sales process, as it will open up a whole new set of opportunities. It will produce new sales and provide an ongoing relationship with new clients. Objections will always occur no matter the item being sold or presented.


10. Presentation Skills

This workshop will give you some presentation skills that will make speaking in public less terrifying and more enjoyable. This workshop includes topics that one looks forward to including: creating a compelling program, using various types of visual aids, and engaging the audience.


11. Stress Management

This course will give you a 3-option method for addressing any stressful situation, as well as a toolbox of personal skills, including using routines, relaxation techniques, and a stress log system. You will also understand what lifestyle elements they can change to reduce stress.


12. Time Management

This workshop will cover strategies to help you learn these crucial strategies. You will be given a skill set that includes personal motivation, delegation skills, organization tools, and crisis management. 



In order to receive the completion certificate, learners must have completed reviewing all the modules and have successfully passed the training mockup exam.

Job Searcher Skills PowerPack

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