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Frequently, we fail to recognize that the company culture is shaped certain combination of behaviors displayed by the employees collectively. Every employee can make a difference by developing some basic skills emphasized by this course in a series of ten short webinars. This is also a good course for those in the people management and project management roles to understand their responsibilities to the team.


  • Soft Skill: Administrative Office Procedures
  • Soft Skill: Business Ethics
  • Soft Skill: Civility In The Workplace
  • Soft Skill: Developing Corporate Behavior
  • Soft Skill: Digital Citizenship
  • Soft Skill: Employee Onboarding
  • Soft Skill: Executive Assistant
  • Soft Skill: Facilitation Skills
  • Soft Skill: Human Resources Management
  • Soft Skill: Meeting Management




1. Administrative Office Procedures
With this course, you will understand how an Administrative Office Procedure binder demonstrates professionalism and efficiency in an organization or office setting. It is also a marvelous instrument for quick reference and utilization. Strategies and procedures are a vital connection between the company’s vision and its everyday operations.


2. Business Ethics

This seminar will go over what “ethics” means, how to implement ethics in the workplace, employer/employee rights, business and social responsibilities, ethical decisions, whistle blowing, managerial ethics, unethical behavior, and ethics in business. 


3. Civility in the Workplace

To address the growing problem of incivility in the work setting, this course introduces the concept of civility, its importance to a company, as well as its typical causes and effects. Skills needed to effectively practice civil behavior, as well as different ways organizations can systematize civility in the workplace will also be discussed. The benefits to Civility In The Workplace are countless and will pay off immensely in every aspect of your job.


4. Develoing Corporate Behavior

Through this course, you should see improved team building, better communication, and trust. By realizing the benefits of corporate behavior and developing a successful plan, you should see a reduction in incidents and an increase in team work and loyalty.


5. Digital Citizenship

This course will give you the guidance needed in the ever-changing digital world. As our lives are lived more and more online, we all need to translate our social skills into the virtual world.


6. Employee Onboarding

Through this course, you will find it lowers costs related to employee turnover. It will increase productivity and produce a happier and more skilled workforce. The new hire phase is a critical time for the company, and having a structured set of procedures will make your company stronger and produce a greater chance of success. 


7. Executive Assistant

This workshop will show your participants what it takes to be a successful assistant. You will learn what it takes to effectively manage a schedule, organize a meeting, and even how to be a successful gatekeeper. Being an Executive or Personal Assistant takes a special skill set and this workshop will provide your participants with the necessary tools. Even if you are not an executive assistant, understanding their role is critical.


8. Facilitation Skills

This workshop can help any organization make better decisions. This workshop will give you an understanding of what facilitation is all about, as well as some tools that they can use to facilitate small meetings. A strong understating of how a facilitator can command a room and dictate the pace of a meeting will have you on the road to becoming great facilitators yourself.


9. Human Resources Management

This workshop will give managers the basic tools to handle numerous human resource situations such as interviewing, orientation, safety, harassment, discrimination, violence, discipline, and termination. This workshop will provide you those skills and assist them with certain Human Resource situations.


10. Meeting Management

This course is designed to give you the basic tools needed to initiate and manage your meetings. You will learn planning and leading techniques that will give the confidence to run a meeting that will engage the attendees and leave a positive and lasting impression. Through this course, you will learn the needed skills in planning and implementing a successful meeting. 



In order to receive the completion certificate, learners must have completed reviewing all the modules and have successfully passed the training mockup exam.

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