Duration: 9:06 hours online training


This training series is made up of five courses. Please review below for details.




1. Professionalism in the Office 

Duration: 2:16 hours online training

This course teaches students about positioning yourself as a professional, enhancing your professional image, expanding your skills, communicating for results, and building relationships and networks.

  • Course 01 - Positioning Yourself as a Professional
  • Course 02 - Enhancing Your Professional Image
  • Course 03 - Expanding Your Skills
  • Course 04 - Communicating for Results
  • Course 05 - Building Relationships and Networks


2. Business Etiquette and Professionalism

Duration: 1:50 hours online training

This course teaches students principles of professional behavior, interview etiquette, planning and attending business meetings, electronic etiquette, and multicultural etiquette.

  • Course 01 - Principles of Professional Behavior
  • Course 02 - Interview Etiquette
  • Course 03 - Planning and Attending Business Meetings
  • Course 04 - Electronic Etiquette
  • Course 05 - Multicultural Etiquette


3. Thinking Critically

Duration: 1:42 hours online training

This course teaches students about facing new problems, establishing the problem, discovering the solution, and accepting a decision.

  • Course 01 - Facing New Problems
  • Course 02 - Establishing the Problem
  • Course 03 - Discovering the Solution
  • Course 04 - Accepting a Decision


4. Customer Service Skills

Duration: 1:16 hours online training

This course teaches students about understanding customer service, focusing on the customer, customer service and the telephone, handling complaints, and enduring stress.

  • Course 01 - Understanding Customer Service
  • Course 02 - Focusing on the Customer
  • Course 03 - Customer Service and the Telephone
  • Course 04 - Handling Complaints
  • Course 05 - Enduring Stress


Strategic Planning Skills

Duration: 2:02 hours online training

This course will provide you with the skills tfor developing a clear understanding of your organization's current and desired state, its operations and market position. Learn how to develop a mission and vision statement for your company, after gathering the information that influences your business, from operational data to assessing internal and external factors.

  • Course 01 - Preparing for the Strategic Planning Process
  • Course 02 - Initiating the Strategic Planning Process
  • Course 03 - Developing the Strategic Plan
  • Course 04 - Executing the Plan


In order to receive the completion certificate, learners must have completed reviewing all the modules and have successfully passed the training mockup exam.


Essential Business Etiquette

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