• Sriram Rajagopalan

Best Practices on Application Lifecycle Management

As the growth of product development and project management practices surge, there has been an increasing demand for application lifecycle management. Regardless of the project delivery framework chosen, the attention to producing value for the customer while constantly keeping the delivered functionality working has been the focus of agile approaches to product development as well as the phased and progressive planning in project management. In my humble opinion, there has never been more transparency in the alignment towards strategy-to-execution.

Drawing on my experience, I brought attention to these best practices in a series of webinars supported by Inflectra under the series "Journey into Agile with Inflectra". These webinars drew a lot of attention. Some even claimed that the time spent in these webinars was well worth almost a full graduate 3-credit course and a few requested the concepts to be presented to their leadership! I am compiling these critical thoughts in an ebook format for you review. It includes the links to the five webinars as well for your viewing pleasure.

Please enjoy and share your comments.

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