About Us

Agile Training Champions is a training organization started by Dr. Sriram Rajagopalan, with a simple mantra - Helping Everyone Excel. 

Having delivered many successful projects in multiple industries, established a Program Management Office bringing a mixture of project delivery frameworks as appropriate, and led transformation initiatives, Dr. Sriram Rajagopalan saw a huge gap in graduating candidates as well as professionals in the workforce. The challenge was the lack of training to continuously adapt to the market. The impediment to training were cost and time.


Agile Training Champions addresses this gap by bringing numerous cost-effective courses in many areas like project management, agile, cloud computing, information technology, networking, cyber security, web design, software programming, and professional webinars to prepare you for the new job market and grow in your profession with time. These courses can be taken online in a self-paced session with a generous 360-day time-limit. Our goal is not that buy a course but that we guide you to complete and excel.

Additionally, Dr. Sriram Rajagopalan, has a vision to prepare the younger generation of learners with project management and agile skills as the life-skills to continuously manage themselves regardless of the profession they pursue. To serve this need, Agile Training Champions also conducts the Projecting Leaders of Tomorrow (PLOT) sessions. 

Agile Training Champions have engaged in small consulting to train individuals within a business unit as well as across the organization. The participants have come from 3S USA, Physicians Interactive, Rockwell Automation, Wheels Corporation, Eliza Health Management Systems, InkCups, and many other organizations. 

By partnering with organizations with the similar mindset to help others, Agile Training Champions focuses on training individuals, small businesses, schools and academic institutions, and other larger corporations. 

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